Myself alongside 2 metal prints of "Flying Point Beach Vista"

Myself alongside 2 metal prints of "Flying Point Beach Vista"


I'm Ryan

I was born a mile from the ocean and you'll be hard pressed to find me further than a mile from it to this day. The draw she has on me is stronger than anything I've ever felt.

I'm a 24 year old ocean loving, star gazing, light chasing human that was born, raised, and currently living on Long Island.

Photography started for me when my friends and I would skateboard 24/7 starting in grade school. Skateboarding was our love; our life. Long story short, my friends were always better at skating than I was. I still had fun and skated everyday, but I wanted a way to productively be apart of skateboarding, because to be a professional skateboarder you have to be, you know, good. Photography was my tool for this. Although my goals and subject matter have shifted over the years, the fire is still there. I love capturing images of things I love, and get a kick out of looking back at what are now distant memories.

Artist's Statement

When I first started to photograph the land and sea around me, the goal was simple: capture the beauty. However, something I've realized over the years is that, my intentions slowly shifted over to capturing the beauty and making the viewer say, "Wait, this is Long Island?" My goal is not to confuse you, but rather enable you to realize and appreciate a different perspective of the island on which we live. Enjoy.

- Ryan Moore


  • "The Green Room", Oceanside, NY @ Empire State Tattoo Studio. August 22nd - September 30th, 2015.

  • "EAST 2.0", Montauk, NY @ The Atlantic Terrace Beach Motel (Gallery at The Terrace). July 11th - August 2nd, 2015.